Our Services

Earth Observation Satellite Systems

Our support to design, procure and operate your own Earth Observation space system.

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Satellite Imagery Distribution

Our assistance to distribute your imagery products on the worldwide market.

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Geoinformation Services

Our help to implement modern solutions for value added services and thematic applications.

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Other Services

Market studies - Training programs - Support to operations - Organisation - Investor search - Merger & Acquisitions - Legal expertise


Earth Observation Satellite Systems

  • Support to mission definition

  • System feasibility and detailed design studies

  • Preparation of Request For Information (RFI) and Request For Proposals (RFP) to the satellite systems industry

  • Assistance to proposals evaluation

  • Assistance to contract negociation

  • Monitoring of space system development program, from contract signature to final system acceptance

  • Support to risk assessment and insurance contract negotiation

  • Assistance to operations


Some of our clients in this area
Azercosmos (Azerbaijan)
Yahsat (United Arab Emirates)
United Arab Emirates Air Force
Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Pakistan)
Elecnor Deimos (Spain)

Satellite Imagery Distribution

  • Market assessment and Strategic plans

  • Business Plan preparation

  • Regional strategies

  • International distribution network implementation

  • Pricing and licensing strategies

  • Support to Sales & Marketing campaigns

  • Support to contract negotiation

  • International partnerships


Some of our clients in this area
Skybox Imaging (USA)
BlackBridge (Canada)
Eastdawn (China)
Deimos Imaging (Spain)
RDC ScanEx (Russia)

Geoinformation Services

  • Market assessment and Strategic plans
  • Investor search for geo-informaation start-up companies

  • Regional partnership strategies

  • Support to thematic application strategies


Tomorrow's satellite imagery will be refreshed at high frequency and readily available through virtual globes.
Use of satellite imagery will increase sharply as the complexity will be taken away from the end user.

Combination of use of optical satellites, radar satellites, non space imagery (airborne, UAVs), AIS data and exogenous information will be the norm.

Big data processing will enable fast information extraction and combination, fostering the development of a myriad of customized end user thematic applications.




Some of our clients in this area
Geosigweb (France)
Magellium (France)
Pyxis Innovation (Canada)
Pasco Corporation (Japan)
Incogna GIS (Canada)